Thursday, February 12, 2009

Crayola saga....part II

Here is our first step....soaking the stained clothes in a crazy concocture of cleaning agents. We will see how it works...already it looks promising.

Here is the water after we took out the it colored from the colors in the pants....or is it dirty water (and these are supposedly clean clothes from our expensive washer....) be continued!
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Laundary...and crayons do NOT mix!

To my suprise...what do I find when I open the dryer this morning????
I am still looking for the culprit....I've checked all the pockets, but no remenants of crayon remain...

My first guess is Na Na...she is the crayon monster, but she has never put them in her pockets (that I know of)

Jeremiah says he probably put them in his pockets, but I AM TO BLAME, he says, since I did not check the pockets....I have WAY too much laundary to bother with this..and it takes me forever as is..

I guess now we have a fun job to clean up....and a ton of clothes that are (hopefully) not ruined to fix. If it were the 80's, I think I would leave them like this....I kind of remember a pair of jeans I HAD to have that had blue and red and green specks all over them. HIDEOUS!!! And, I don't think I ever wore them.
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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jubba...the Wubba Destroyer

Petey, with the destroyed Wubba.

SERIOUSLY....I just got done bragging on the durability of a Kong Wubba (and I am still very pleased with how long it has lasted)....and some BAD little dog (Jubba...and how I now realize...rhymes with Wubba) came walking into the kitchen with strings hanging through his teeth. Sure enough, he has destroyed the Wubba. If you don't know what a Wubba is, then you need to check it out. Its an awesome dog toy that is nylon covering 2 balls (so it looks like the origina Kong toys) and then has tails that the dogs love to carry it around by, play tug, or just flap the tails around their faces.

Jubba, with the Wubba.....

(below)...Dead Wubba (although we will still use it)

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