Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jubba...the Wubba Destroyer

Petey, with the destroyed Wubba.

SERIOUSLY....I just got done bragging on the durability of a Kong Wubba (and I am still very pleased with how long it has lasted)....and some BAD little dog (Jubba...and how I now realize...rhymes with Wubba) came walking into the kitchen with strings hanging through his teeth. Sure enough, he has destroyed the Wubba. If you don't know what a Wubba is, then you need to check it out. Its an awesome dog toy that is nylon covering 2 balls (so it looks like the origina Kong toys) and then has tails that the dogs love to carry it around by, play tug, or just flap the tails around their faces.

Jubba, with the Wubba.....

(below)...Dead Wubba (although we will still use it)

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